Advice from a wedding guru

Marcus Theodor, the videographer of over 1200 wedding films (or as he likes to call it, ‘the documentaries of the most poignant moment in your life’) shares the key things that will lead to a smooth ceremony and a great wedding film.


Hotel or Home? Some couples opt for a hotel room as they feel that the space they’re getting ready in from home is too small. The advantages of a hotel can be it’s proximity to the ceremony, being large enough to host bigger gatherings and a feeling of ‘luxuriousness’. However, my preference would always be to prepare at home. If you’re not too far from the ceremony, (even a 40min drive) then it isn't a stretch! Really, the greatest thing about home is, well, it’s just that, it’s home. The walls, the floors, everything from home has sentimental value on a day as important as your wedding and you can look back at this in our wedding film. If you move away from home, the place where you got ready from can represent a place and stage in your life. Don’t think of us as creating a wedding film, think of us as creating a documentary of one of the most poignant moments in your life.

Three little films from the weekend.

Marcus Theodor