The power of film on your wedding day

Marcus Theodor, the videographer of over 1200 wedding films (or as he likes to call it, ‘the documentaries of the most poignant moment in your life’) shares the key things that will help you understand the True Power Of Film.

Why do couples need a wedding film?

There is so much movement emotion and texture to the day that can only be captured on film. Still photography is amazing at capturing moments but having your big day captured on film will truly do it justice. One cannot possibly gauge a personality from a still image. You can't hear the joy the laughter, exchange vows and the excitement of the guests... I could go on and on! You should definitely invest in having your day captured on film. I've come across so many brides tell me that the biggest regret not having a videographer there on the day. 

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Why i think that a wedding film is often one of the last things that couples think to book.

Traditionally wedding films have had a bad rap. They often seen as cheesy and tacky and very intrusive on the day. Of course all that is changed, yet there are echoes of this that still linger in the couples' hearts and minds. We often have couples booking our services a month out from the wedding. They see a friends film or someone recommends us, and it dawns on them how powerful a 'good' film can be.

Three little films from the weekend.

Marcus Theodor