Beck Rocchi

Beck Rocchi

I tell stories through my photography. I freeze moments which radiate in human essence -- capturing spirit, personality and depth. They are colourful, juicy and fresh; shouting of raw emotion and truth. I love people, and their differences... their uniqueness and individuality.

I'm a sucker for love... Its emotion; its wild forever-ness and its hearty tenderness. So for me, wedding photography is something I enjoy very much.

My personality and style reign through my imagery. I am an effervescent and visual person with a vivacious love for our world and its people. My mind is a creative place and I see the beauty in everything!

My aim is to capture your special day in the most natural and creative way possible. I am unobtrusive and will not get in your way -- rather let everything unfold on its own. I will not make you be someone you are not; but capture beautiful images that reflect who you are as a couple and that speak of your unique connection and relationship.

I have no doubt that your day will be perfect! The story will be there - all the exquisite splendor and the moments of emotion. And my role is to simply tell your story.
T +61 411 037 665