Alan + Genevieve

I am so happy that we are finally here but if I am honest I am not surprised. I knew this day would come from the moment I met you even though I had to hide it for a while so you didn’t think I was crazy. Thank you for showing me that love at first sight really exists and that the old saying ‘when you know, you know’ is actually true. The first time I saw you everything around me slowed down, time froze and all I could see was you. I still get that feeling every time you walk into the room and I know I always will.
— Genevieve
To my beautiful wife, my darling Gen, the reason behind all of this. When I met you all those years ago I knew at that moment you were the one. The one I wanted to love, the one I wanted to start a family with, the one I wanted to grow old with. And today my dream has come true, I married my best friend, the love of my life.
— Alan
Ceremony/Venue: Oatlands House
Photographer: John Benevente
Bridal Couture: Moira Hughes
Groom Tailor: Calibre
Stylist: Stephanie Friedlander
Band: Furnace and the Fundamentals
Cake: My Little Panda