Famous April weddings that have raised the bar and set the standard for today’s bride.

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April in Australia isn’t the most popular of months’ for weddings, however, in other parts it is quite a notable month for some very famous weddings in history, that have had an incredible impact and influence on the weddings of today, no matter what month they’re in!

When looking for wedding inspiration, all us gals, start with “the dress” we imagine ourselves in it, everyone seeing us in it, how it will feel to have everyone's attention on us and what our future children will think of it. Needless to say there is a lot of pressure!

We want it to stand the test of time and be unique, individual and captivating. Where did all this pressure come from? And who raised the bar?

Now-a-days we refer to them as influencers, but back in the day when “the rich and famous” were idolised and us mere mortals aspired to their unattainable access. We did all we could do and replicated the things we loved and in true Coco Chanel style we say “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”!

We’ve taken a look at three very notable weddings that have happened in the last fifty or so years.

Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier still remains one of the most inspirational weddings of our time. They got married on the 18th April 1956. A very beautiful Hollywood actress marries into a Royal family and poof she’s now a Princess - a bit hard to top! The exceptional classic style that has truly stood the test of time. Not to mention that cake...a little gordy for us now, but still has the WOW factor.

April 18th 1956 - Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier III, Prince of Monaco
Grace Kelly, prayers of the faithful.

Grace Kelly really did set the benchmark for many, even for another one of our famous April weddings, Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William. These two were married on the 29th April 2011. Not only did they get married in the same month as their fellow royals, there were some quite uncanny similarities across a few things: the flowers, the dress, the veil and marrying a Prince! Both undeniably understated classic beauties. Both incredibly over-the-top cakes that wow every passer by.

Similarities between the two royal beauties
grace cake.jpg

Now our third famous wedding was the very beautiful Italian screen siren Sophia Loren, she got hitched to her film producer lover Carlo Ponti on the 9th April 1966.

You’d expect this to have been a glamorous affair from the very exotic film star, but in fact it was quite the opposite. A very low key, civil ceremony in a French courthouse. Loren was in tune with 60’s style and wore a simple, casual shift that resembled something of a white trench. Not something we see in wedding style now, but her on screen wedding to Carey Grant in “Houseboat” had a definite impact. The beautifully executed “natural” make-up look, that draws on her very unique features, the incredible bodice that cinched in that tiny waist, the high neck and those silk covered buttons that lead down to the full lace skirt. All scream out sophistication and class. In the movie the dress was ¾ length and finished off with a token veil that were all the rage for the time.

Sophia Loren and Carey Grant wed in the movie Houseboat

So April has been significantly poignant, certainly for royals, or those wishing to become royals!! Each with their own style and personality injected into their magical day. We see so many beautiful weddings, all with unique qualities, but we can almost guarantee that at least one aspect from these weddings or these celebrities have been implemented into all the weddings since. It’s a huge call, but these are, after all, huge celebrities.

Elanie Theodor