Like our rings say, I promise to Love Life With You… to share experiences with each other and explore new challenges and adventures that come our way. I promise to respect cultural traditions that are connected to us. I will take your family in as my own by loving and supporting them from this day on. I promise to uphold the sanctity of Marriage and commit to you with all my heart, body and soul. To be there for one another and care for each other through the highs and lows of life, sickness and in health. I promise to be considerate, to give effort, to respect, to listen, to be honest, to be open and to always laugh with you. I vow that when we are fortunate to raise children, to create a loving family together and instill the same family values that we strive to uphold. I promise to love you for all of eternity…
— Liam & Jaya
Ceremony/Venue: Poet's Lane
Photographer: Mark Davis