I’m not sure we really know what’s ahead of us. Even now, with this enormous belly in front of me and this little person who likes to wake me each morning with a bout of kickboxing, we still can’t really believe we’re going to be parents. That in just a few weeks, we’re going to meet this little person. We can’t wait to learn who you are and to introduce you to your family. It’s both daunting and thrilling to realise that we’re the people you will turn to for love, support, guidance and reassurance. We can’t believe that we’re lucky enough to be your Mum and Dad.
And now you’re here. And everything we thought we knew has changed. We never knew that we’d prioritise cuddles over sleep. We never knew that the sound of a tiny cry would have such power over our heartstrings. We never knew that entire days could pass in which we’ve done nothing but stare at you. We never knew the depth of our own parents’ love for us until we met you. We never knew that we could love each other more than we already did. We never knew that we could feel a love this big and wondrous. You, our darling girl, are our greatest achievement.