A very wise man recently told me “once your baby is born it will be hard to remember life without him/her. Your life as a couple will be hard to recollect, yet your love for each other will be stronger than ever. Only to be surpassed by your love for your child.”

That very same man asked me to write a short piece about the story of Shan and Paul thus far. Steeli is 10 days old now, and I’ve sat down to write this about 30 times, only to be stuck for words and my thoughts clouded by the little miracle sleeping in her bassinet beside me.
So, as tears of love roll down my cheeks, I try again ……..
After meeting at Zonzo Winery on New Years Eve in 2008/2009, we were immediately drawn to one another. Call it love, call it intrigue, call it what you will – but there was something drawing us together that was hard to ignore.

16th January 2015

Steeli, your dad was due to fly back to Malta to resume his work as a Scuba Dive Instructor, yet something told me that despite the distance, he was worth pursuing. So pursue I did. Luckily he didn’t need too much convincing and after keeping in touch for the good part of a year whilst he was in Malta, he returned and there really was no looking back. We’ve been together, and inseparable ever since.

Early days saw us hanging out in the sunshine at our favourite bayside bar – Republica in St Kilda, heading out for dinners or weekends away, me learning to surf and dive just to spend more time with your dad, and him showing off his incredible culinary skills in order to impress me.

5th May 2016

Our relationship is built upon a foundation of love, respect, trust and the ability to compromise and work together to achieve a common goal. We love that we share so many common interests whilst also respecting each other’s need to pursue individual pursuits and friendships.

It’s safe to say we are happiest in the sunshine on holidays, walking our dogs (Pablo and Chilli) along the beach, spending time at home, surfing and diving together, partaking in sporting and leisure activities and spending time with our cherished family and friends.

We hope to always be a fun and adventurous couple, and a couple who will remain as committed to their relationship as we were on 16th January 2015 – they day we married each other …… forever.

Having you, Steeli, was the icing on the cake. You complete our family and we hope that you enjoy being a part of this family just as much as we are thrilled to have welcomed you into it. We love you Steeli Jeans.

13th May 2016