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Invest in one of our post wedding upgrades and get the most from your big day memories!

Upgrade your option. Extend your film. have it all!

Extend your film

An incredibly popular choice for our couples
post wedding. Extend your film by 5, 10 or 15 minutes
to ensure every moment is included
for you to relive again and again,
from now until forever.

5 mins - $800
10 mins - $1200
15 mins - $1500


Raw Files

Your raw files are straight from our cameras in their
highest quality. You will also receive all project files along
with your final versions of your films and chapterised uncut
footage on a hard drive. This is in addition to the custom
C2 USB included in your option and ensures your
films are kept safe, forever. 

(normally $500)

Clean up of Uncut

All of your gorgeous big day footage
cut to the music of your choice.
With both cameras edited together
from ceremony and speeches
creating a complete picture of your
special day.
Chapterised on your USB
for easy viewing.


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Stills Package

VIDEO CAN CAPTURE all of the moments in between a photograph
including that exact moment of pure happiness, joy and love.
We can showcase those exact moments
in a beautiful still image.
Have some favourite moments from your film?
Let us know and we will include them for you!


(normally $500)


 12-15 Minute
Short Feature

These incredible edits are an
extended version of your cinema highlights.
The perfect length to include more amazing footage
and moments to keep you reliving your day as the years go by.
Include everyone who was lucky enough to witness such
a poignant day in your lives with more preparations,
more ceremony, more everything!

(normally $1,800)

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22-25 Minute
Feature Film

This film captures every intimate moment, every fun moment
and all of the moments in between. with your choice of being
an extended highlights or a documentary style film,
starting with the nerves and excitement of preparations
and finishing with the party!



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