Stephen + SUZY

The day I saw you is the day I knew that the memories now have brought us together. Although love has taken a while I adore you for who you are, who you have been and for taking on the many possibilities that life will bring before us. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with me and for always bringing out the best in me even when I have stumbled along the way. Thank you for always being my rock, comfort and my light for when life intermittently turns dark. I promise you that though the world may change and we may change with it, I will always treasure you, accept you and be there for you. I will share my life with you and enjoy all the other wonderful things the world brings before us. Where ever our path leads us, it leads us together. That is why I am standing here by your side today and ready to begin the next chapter in our amazing beautiful life we are creating together.
— Suzy
Today I join my life with yours to share with you in all that is to come. All of the joy and all of the pain, not just to grow old together but to grow together as we have these last years. The gift of my heart I give to you, I will listen when you need a friend so that you will never be alone. I will support you through laughter and tears, in the largest and smallest of your endeavours. I will do my share with my hands and my heart, to build a life for us that is happy and abundant. I will make your dreams as important as my own, in order that we may share one dream for a future together. Where ever our paths lead us, it leads us together.
— Stephen
Ceremony: Broughton Hall Gardens
Photographer: Mark Davis