Our professional wedding videography team have an average minimum of five years’ experience each, and each member has been hand-picked for their commitment to our clients. 

First, we get to know each other over an obligation-free coffee at our studio. 

Each of our clients is personally assigned a videographer and editor, both of whom take the time to get to know you. 

We ask about who and what is important to you, identify the essence of your wedding and talk through everything from music to must-have moments.  

From there, we devise the plan for your wedding video, which allows us to film on the day in an efficient, professional and unobtrusive way.

We check in with you regularly in the lead-up to the wedding, are contactable whenever you need us and run through any and all scenarios that might occur. 

On the day, we shoot efficiently, professionally and discreetly. We’ll work with you to cover the moments that matter without ever making you feel like you’re being directed. 

Just as with feature films, it’s in post-production that everything starts to come together, so at the end of your wedding day, your videographer hands your precious footage over to your personal wedding video editor.

During editing, all the shots that were captured from different angles and zoom points are lovingly and painstakingly processed until we have a narrative that tells the story of your day in an authentic, emotionally-driven way.

The final product is a piece of art that our clients are proud to call their own – one that honours the living, breathing existence of each moment.