Angus + Atwa

Such is the nature of love.
I know these two; I know them as if we have been friends for a lifetime. We have shared joys, broken bread and held each other tight in times when there seemed to be no other.
The irony is that I had never met them before. My first glimpse, my first hello was on the day of the wedding. You see Angus and Atwa have a nature that is all encompassing.
They speak to you and not at you.
They look at you and not through you.
It is no wonder that they discovered each other, for something so alike cannot stay apart. They say opposites attract and I’m sure this may be the case, but beauty only wants more of itself, more completion, more wholeness.
Such is the nature of love.
— Marcus
Ceremony / Venue: Milton Park
Photography: Blumenthal
Dress: Suzanne Harward