Angus + Tara

Tara, you are my childhood sweetheart. You are my best friend. I owe you the world. I met Tara in Thredbo, fourteen years ago in 2002. Instantly I had a big crush. Clearly I did not leave quite the same impression on her, because when I saw her at a party a year later she re-introduced herself to me. That’s how its been pretty much ever since then: me trying to impress Tara and me being impressed by Tara. Like any couple we’ve had our fair share of tricky moments over the years. Every time we’ve had our problems we seem to have come back stronger, and Tara has stuck by me in situations where few people would. Quite simply Tara is the full package and I count myself a lucky man. The most astonishing thing is, even after all these years Tara still continues to impress me.
— Angus
Venue: The Foundation Hall MCA
Photographer: Jonas Peterson
Event Coordinator: After The Rock
Ceremony: St Marks Church
Bride's Dress: Inbal Dror
Groom's Suit: Tom Ford