Yvonne, from the first time I saw you I was breath taken by your beauty. Somehow I caught my breath and then I caught you. When I look at you today I still have to pinch myself and wonder how you chose me. As I did on our early dates and as I know I will forever more. That’s because I feel you are out of my league, but I won’t question it, I’ll just keeping pinching myself and thanking my lucky stars that I have you.
— Brent
Thank you for making me laugh every day, for always supporting me and for allowing me to feel so secure and carefree. Even after 6 years I still relish every moment we spend together. I miss you when you go to Ballarat and am excited to come home to you every day after work. You push me out of my comfort zone, you challenge me and you make me want to be the best person I can be. I am so proud and excited to call you my husband, to go on this journey called life together, sharing the adventures, tackling the hardships and one day nurturing a family.
— Yvonne

Ceremony: Picnic Point, Botanical Gardens
Venue: Luminare
Celebrant: Sally Hughes
Bride's Dress: Raffaele Ciuca
Photographer: Mark Davis
Cake: The French Lettuce
Florist: Liz from Flower Temple