Brett + Danielle

Many decades ago there were two souls in heaven that were best friends. Not only were they best friends but they were two halves of one soul. But then thirty three years ago, God decided to separate these two best friends. One of these souls was born to a lovely family in Capetown and the other, its counterpart was born to a lovely family in Sydney. For the last three decades both of these souls have met many many people, and they’ve loved them and engaged with them and schmoozed with them and they celebrated with them. But both of them knew, that they weren’t their best friend. And after sometime these two souls Brett and Danielle met and after some time they realized that this was it, this was the best friend they hadn’t seen in so long. So tonight, on this beautiful island we celebrate not the union of Brett and Danielle but the reunion of these two beautiful people as they enter into the covenant of marriage for an eternity
— Raabi
To my beautiful bride Dan, all sun kissed and golden. You look absolutely beautiful tonight. As the Raabi said we were two souls separated at birth, finding each other five years ago and finally being eternally linked today. What I really want our children to inherit are all the intangible qualities that make you so special, that made me fall in love with you. You truly complete me.
— Brett
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Location: Hawaii
Dress: Steven Khalil