You hear stories about the little girls waiting all their life to grow up and be married. Today I think I was actually that excited little girl. When I think about it it, this was something I have wanted for a long time and you are the girl I wanted to marry.
— Brys
I promise to always sing the high note when Bon Iver is on the radio. To stroke your head when you are sick. To always mean it when I tell you I love you. And I promise to agree that one day you can buy a boat. But most importantly I promise to always have your back.
— Hayley
Ceremony/Venue: Margan
Celebrant: Rosie Beaton
Bride's Dress: Pallas Couture
Groom's Suit: Blades Menswear
Photographer: Bel Combridge Photography
Dessert: Donuts by Doughheads
Florist: WOW Flowers
DJ: Kylie Jane Music