From our humble beginnings, I am filled with joy to be sitting here with you by my side marrying the woman of my dreams. Your strength, kindness and loving nature drew me toward you like a gravitational force. You’ve taught me to live and laugh while re-calibrating my focus to the more important aspects of life. Your grit and determination has inspired me to push through my own challenges and your love has shifted my perspective to believe there is order in the universe and some things are meant to be. I promise to be your husband, your best friend and to love you unconditionally.
— Dharmendra
The last six years with you have felt effortless. From the very beginning I have been committed to you and today I formalise this commitment. I believe in you as a man, as a person, as my friend and now to be; as my husband. You make me feel safe and confident and that being true to my core is the best version of myself. When I’m with you I feel this calmness, I feel like all the worries in the world can’t touch me and your hand is there guiding me along. You have been the perfect character in my love story, I cherish every memory that we have created and I am so ready to be your wife. I vow to never let you go.
— Parnaz
Reception Venue: RACV City Club
Bride's Dress Designer: Demetrios
Groom's Suit Tailor: Rhodes and Beckett
Photographer: Clever Deer photography
Cake: Jessicakes
Florist: Floretta by Grace
DJ: DJ Shahyad