Hamish + Bridget

Everyone here today, they have a memory of a certain year. One which definitely stands out from the rest. A year that you may say is self defining, it’s even life changing. Either way you can look back on that year and say you know what that was my year. For me this year was 2010, it was the year I met the gorgeous Bridget.
— Hamish
There are so many things that I love about who you are. I love that your actions speak just as loud as your words. I love still to this day that you are not afraid to give it a go and often excel when you do. To giving it a crack by asking me out, to now being married to me. Thank you for never closing your heart to me, being consistent and sticking by me. And as grandpa always signs off as happy days, Hamish you are my happy days.
— Bridget
Ceremony: St Paul's Cathedral
Venue: Luminare
Photographer: Lucas Dawson
Bride's Dress: Cappellazzo Couture
Groom's Tailor: Calibre
Stacey SangerMelbourne