I honestly can’t explain how honoured I am that you chose me. There is no other word I can use. I feel I’ve been so scared to believe that I am a bride, your bride. Because it felt like it was fake - to good to be true. I still haven’t got my head around the fact that out of everyone in the world, I am your person. Honoured.
— Nicole
Nicole, you are my soul mate. From the day that I met you I knew that something was special. You are such a fun, loving, bubbly person who always looks for the good in people. You are loving and caring and bring me down to reality when times are stressful. You make me see the important little things. I couldn’t be happier that you are standing next to me today and I look forward to building our amazing future together. I love you.
— Illan
Chuppah/Venue: Luminare
Photographer: Sandy Rogulic
Band: Rutherford Entertainment