We stand here in this very moment, in this very spot, where we chose to be today. In front of our beloved family and closest of friends, I ask you to become forever my wife, my best friend, my confidant and my rock. You make me truly happy, I have found my sense of purpose and that is you.
— Luke
Luke, my handsome fiancé, and in a few moments my handsome husband, I promise that I love you exactly as you are right now, with all that makes you you. Your passions, your dreams, your music, your love of lollies and your heart.
— Celeste
Ceremony/Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley
Celebrant: Shannon Jeans
Bride's Dress: Nicole Spose
Groom's Suit: Bell and Barnett
Photographer: Warren Photography
Florist: State of Nature Floral
Band/DJ: The Garth Ploog Band