Noah, no words can describe how happy you make me. I didn’t think it was possible to love you more each day. You make me feel safe when I am with you and taller when I stand beside you. I know I have got the best person by my side, there are no limits to where we go can go in life. Never stop being the amazing man that you are.
— Tami
You are my biggest supporter, you know how to push my buttons when you want to but at the same time you have an ability to balance me out. You sometimes ask how much I love you, to which I respond by widening my hands. Tam in truth, the spread of my hands does not express my love for you. I am so fortunate to have you by my side and to now call you my wife. Although at this point in time it does sound a little strange, I could not be luckier.
— Noah
Ceremony/Venue: Clyde Park Vineyard & Bistro
Bride's Dress: Jane Hill
Groom's Suit: MJ Bale and Remy
Photographer: Chris Kapa
Event management: Toko Events
Florist: Moss Industry
Band: Magic House and SKOV
Stylist: Tami Nankin