You came into my world at a time I wasn’t expecting it. But now I cannot think of having a life without you. From the first time you wrapped me up in one of your famous hugs, you had me hook, line and sinker. I knew that with you, I was where I belonged and that anywhere you were, I would be home.
— Sarah
I’ve been so lucky to grow with you over these past six years and watch what an amazing woman you have become. Since I met you, you’ve been my rock through some of the toughest times in my life and somehow you’ve always managed to push me through and make me smile, laugh and even giggle uncontrollably. Whether we’re in the car, at a bar or home alone, I’ll always be your dancing partner. But most importantly, I’ll always be there for you because you’re my best friend and marrying you today will be the happiest moment of my life.
— Peter

Venue: Bramleigh Estate
Celebrant: Tracey Ellis
Bride's Dress: Shehzarin Batha
Groom's Suit: MJ Bale
Photographer: John Warrenv
Cake: Cherry Up top
Band/DJ: The White Tree
Hair/Make-up: Mae Taylor