Simon + Ellen

You make me laugh, you share my highs and my lows, and you never fail to amaze me. Tonight I am blown away with how this unbelievable event has come together. It’s a testament to your dedication and your detailing. I love you so much and I am so excited for our journey together and all the adventures that await us.
— Simon
Simon, you really have spiced up my life. You encourage me to see the good in people, to cherish my family as you cherish yours and to be the best person I can be. You look after me, you challenge me and you always make me smile. To think of us spending the rest of our lives together makes me the happiest bride.
— Ellen
Ceremony / Venue: Carousel
Photographer: Sandy Rogulic
Dress: Sam Oglialoro
Suit: P Johnson
Rabbi: Ralph Genende