You’ve become the biggest part of my life in such a short space of time, I can’t believe how quickly these last three years have gone. I only know the next however many years will go a hell of a lot slower because I’m going to savour every minute I have with you.
— Sunal
You’ve changed my life in so many different ways, you’ve gotten me to step out of my comfort zone on so many different occasions ie. dancing, but every time you’ve gotten me to step out of that comfort zone I’ve been grateful for it and for that I just wanted to thank you so much.
— Sunal
Ceremony/Venue: Tatra Reception
Celebrant: Pandit, Akash Deep
Bride's Dress: Rachel Gilbert
Groom's Suit: Calibre
Photography: Anna Taylor
Cake: Nikos
Florist: Our friends at Aloha flowers
DJ: Impression DJ Ash