From that moment on my life changed forever. Jessica was the best thing that ever happened to me and I am very lucky to have found the perfect girl for me. She was someone that loved me unconditionally. Someone who is compassionate. Someone who supports me in all aspects of life. Someone who is totally genuine.
— Tony
A life partner is someone that keeps you up at night. Someone that makes your heart burn with desire. Someone that takes your breathe away every time you see each other. When the thought of being separated from that person makes your stomach turn, your knees weak, then you know that person is for you.
— Groomsman
Ceremony: St. Ambrose's Catholic Church
Venue: Maia
Bride's Dress: Karen Willis Holmes
Photographer: Chris Kapa
Cake: Mill & Bakery
Florist: Babylon Flowers
Band/DJ: Midnight Blue
Stacey SangerMelbourne