When we first started dating, I was a little bit withdrawn. I thought to myself, “There is no way I got this lucky, this is too good to be true”. As it turns out, I really did get that lucky and I promise to never forget how lucky I am each and every day to have found my soulmate and my best friend in someone so kind, patient and generous. I promise to love you faithfully and unconditionally for the rest of my life.
— Elena
Elena, you are my very best friend. You are stunning, you have the biggest heart, you’re incredible. I vow to be honest with you and have your back, always. I vow to be there forever and love you unconditionally because I love you more than anything and always will.
— Valentin
Ceremony/Venue: Carousel
Celebrant: Elisa Westein
Bride's Dress: Bernadette Pimenta
Groom's Suit: Instichu
Photographer: John Warren
Florist: Valley Blooms
Band/DJ: Nick Missailidis