Cam Grove Photography

Cam Grove

I love what I do. I work amongst loving souls on the best day of their lives. And from the beginning of that day, until it’s all too soon end, I watch. And I record. And I document. The laughter and tears, the excitement and anxiety, the immeasurable strength and incredible vulnerability ; every imaginable facet of the human experience, I commit to memory. And while each element of a wedding is given its due importance, what drives me most is capturing those transient moments which might otherwise be lost into the ether. A bride searching for the right words, just minutes before leaving for the church... A father looking at his daughter in her dress for the first time and immediately falling apart... A small child’s eyes, widened at the majesty of it all... I love what I do. I provide my clients with memories that they didn’t even know they had. It’s gold.

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