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Australia’s Premier Wedding Creative Studio Delivers Your Exquisite, Bespoke Film Just Two Weeks After Your Big Day

Book C2 Films to capture the style and emotion of your wedding through this page and get our creatives FREE for two full hours

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We Capture Every Beautiful Nuance Of Your Wedding On Film

Here at C2 Films, we don’t just shoot wedding films. We craft and create bespoke films that capture the unique meaning of YOUR day.

Because the simple fact is this: You and your partner are not like any other couple on the planet. Your story is your own. Your values are unique to you — just like the way you choose to celebrate your wedding.

That’s why we start with you, the couple. We get to know you and your story. Then, we go to work creating a film that beautifully captures what you and your wedding is really about.

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A Bespoke Wedding Film That Represents Your Unique Style

C2 Films gives you an experience and service that goes above and beyond what most couples expect from a wedding cinematographer. We place great emphasis on making our presence at your ceremony and reception discrete and professional.

Under your direction and guidance, we capture the place, the people and the moments that make up your wedding. Then our dedicated in-house editors and producers go to work turning that footage into an emotive, considered piece of art - we don’t outsource any editing.

C2: The Highest Caliber Wedding Film Professionals

When you work with C2 Films, you’ll experience a wedding cinematography process that will, frankly, make your friends wonder how on earth you managed to capture such an evocative memory with so little fuss.

  • Discrete crew and equipment: We shoot on sophisticated, small cameras to ensure zero intrusion on your ceremony and celebration.

  • Tailored to your specific personal style: We start with YOU. C2 prides itself on collaborating with you and your partner to create a wedding film that represents the essence of your marriage.

  • The fastest turnaround time in Australia: Other companies won’t have your film ready for three months. We’ll have yours ready to watch and share in just two weeks.




Your Full And Finished Wedding Film Delivered In Two Weeks.

No Exceptions.

C2 Films isn’t just the most skilled and meticulous wedding filmmaking company in Australia. We’re also the quickest to get your film from the camera to your screen.

Other companies will make you wait up to three months to see what they’ve created. We promise you that we’ll have your film delivered and ready to roll for family and friends in just two weeks.

If we break that promise, we refund every cent of our fee.

So friendly and warm and made us all feel very comfortable. The work they do is unbelievable!

Book C2 Now And Get Our Film Crew Free For Two Hours

If you need any more convincing that C2 is your best option for creating a beautiful bespoke wedding film…

Then we’re pleased to offer you two free hours with our creatives.

Whether you use that time to capture additional footage at the event, or create an extended edit, is totally up to you. This is how proud we are of the work we do — and how excited we are at the prospect of helping you capture your wedding.

NOTE: These unbilled hours are only available when you book through this page today.

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